97 supercharge sc4 vids


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Oh and I think the stock 1uz-fe internals can handle the M90 and nitrous...I project a 400-450whp and a ton of torque... I have faith in the stock rods and pistons far beyond most, I haven't seen too many of the 1uz-fe's if any blow...

However, If it blows it blows... Someone has to test the potential of these engines... I plan on doing gradual nos shots once the M90 is in, first like a 50 shot, 75 shot and then lastly the 100 shot if I feel ballsy and risky... That's the plan

Talking with a coulple of my domestic engine building supercharging buddies the other day that is what they recommend...


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The M112 has about 8" height so it might be promising. If you can customize the existing lower stock manifold to mate to this M112, you'll even save more height. Go for it, John!:boobies:


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I've looked and looked and have never seen an M112 mounted sucessfully in a soarer or SC... If I thought it was possible then that is what I would be looking to get instead of the M90's.... Customize the manifold is more then I would like to take on...

Steve, I'm sure it is possible to fit the M112 with some custom work from a good machinest on the manifold orr some good high rise hood and body work...