97 non-VVTi Stalled now No-Start


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Hello all! Long story short: I picked this up cheap because of failed front seals. Replaced seals and timing belt. Had some funky ECU issues (wouldn't read being the primary), so I pulled it and changed out the capacitors. After 5500 miles of smooth driving it shuts down, throws a CEL, won't restart. Now I check it ever few days because my 94 was doing this but would just start and run fine after it sat a while; I'm pretty sure it's a failed voltage regulator on that one. It cranks like it wants to start, but won't stay running and dies after about 1 cycle though the cylinders.

I checked the CEL, and I remember very clearly TorquePro saying "Bank A Cam Sensor," and I think it was P0340, but I cleared it and forgot to write it down. I've tested both cams and the crank sensor, pulled the bundle to check the ground, and done general checks like spark and fuel. I haven't checked the fuel system carefully tho, just that the lines are getting pressure and the pump seems to be working by checking the feed at the rail side. I've also tried pulling various sensor plugs just to throw codes; it does and they clear upon re-connection.

I'm not a mechanic or any one with training, but I've found a lot of stuff saying that a faulty VR can throw all sorts of codes and confuse TF outta the ECU. I was actually considering sticking the 97's alt on the 94, as they appear to be the same. Could a faulty VR cause this sort of behavior as well? Would putting it on the 94 answer any questions?

I'm up for any and all suggestions. At this point I just want to be back behind the wheel of my Coach. I'm tired of my gas-guzzling stink-wagon of a Land Rover P38.


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Yeah, spark looks good. I haven't tried any starter, but it kicks over and just stops again as it sits. Like, it's getting fuel and then not; as if I hit it with starter.


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Ok. Its a really common fault thar if a coil fails the engine fires then stops as the ecu will turn off the injectors. Generally it will continue running when engine starter fluid is added. Cheers Kelvin