86 T4R 1uz w/ Inchworm adapter + Dual Case issue


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Swap has begun and now I have run into a problem! I need your help! I will get to the point!

86 T4R 4x4 22re 4cyl, SAS, dual case 2.28 x 4.70 23 Spline, Inchworm Adapter 92 SC400 A340e Auto


Inchworm Adapter is giving me problems. Inchworms website and instructions are so vague and not helpful. I think this will be my last purchase from Inchworm ever. The site has false advertisement. That’s a whole new topic I care not to get into now.

1st thing, where do I cut the spline from the A340e? I measure 2.5 inches from the lexus and with the speed gear in place I get about 0.5 or not 0.75 inches of spline to work with. Taking the speed gear out will allow me about 2 inches of spline, which seems reasonable. Do I need the speed gear?

2nd thing, The Prerunner adapter to the lexus fit just fine but the gear driving adapter to that Prerunner will not go in..putting these two units together will require me to shave off parts of 1 adapter to make this fit. I was thinking about pounding on this sucker with a rubber hammer but I know that would not solve my problem and will end up damaging it. Do I have to shave a little off from one of the adapters to make it fit.

3rd thing, the 0.5 inch coupler that was supply with the kit, does that go on the lexus side after the speed gear or does it go on the transfer case side like this: (0.5inch coupler ---4 inch coupler (23x23 spline)---speed gear ).. that coupler does not sit tight in any parts of the shaft, it can wiggle and does move. What can I do?

Thanks in advance for you help!