71 Crown


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Hello everyone my name is Kyle and I am from Maine.

I am very new to this forum and am very excited to post up the pics and progress of restoring a 1971 Crown 4 door. The car belongs to a good friend of mine and we found it in a barn in the middle of nowhere. Anyways ill throw up some pics and let you guys see whats up. Oh and we are putting a 1UZ in it!

I will have more pics as we get to work on it over the next month.


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Fitting a 1uz between the chassis rails on that Model is heaps of fun. There is no room for the exhausts. Gearbox tunnel is tight. With the motor nice and low the alternator sits on the front cross member. Dont let anyone tell you it cant be done though. You will just need some good problem solving skills. Cheers


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I'm not worried about fitment of the motor.
I have a torch an welders and i can fab just about anything i want so I will make it fit.


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I love these cars in 2 door form, but im glad to see people still fix up the 4dr. Good luck to you. Dont hesitate to pm me if you need any restoration type parts. I have access to some good used stuff and some NOS parts for these.