5.7 supercharged gs430 swap


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Hey guy I'm new to the lexus scene and I was wondering is it possible to do a 5.7 supercharged tundra swap in a gs430 I haven't found much on it and was wondering if it has ever been done and what will be needed to do it


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Deng, we're basically a 1/2/3 UZ forum, and not many, if any, of us have played with the newer "big" V8's like the UR's. There was some discussion years ago about shoehorning one into an SC400 chassis, or similar, but I think the general consensus was that it would be too big and too complicated. But where there's a will, and good knowledge, and lots of money, there's always a way......


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Since your question is very generally put I doubt you have enough skills to do it right and I would advice to start from easier conversions