3UZ-FE noise after timing belt change

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Recently had my 3UZ-FE timing belt changed by Lexus along with the timing belt tensioner, idlers, cam & crank Seals, rocker cover gaskets, water pump and drive belt.

Before the service was done, it was running smoothly with no noise but now sounds like a diesel. When I took it back to the dealer, they told me that this was normal because they cleaned the VVTI Filters. Since the VVTI Filters were disturbed, the VVTI Cam Controllers are now making a noise and apparently this is normal.

They also said to get another Lexus dealership to run a diagnostics quoted at $400 and if there is something wrong, they would fix it up accordingly.

Car has been driven maybe 500km-700km after the service as advised by the dealer, it was safe to drive. There seems to be no affect in performance, just noisy. Is this detrimental to the engine at all?

Has anyone experienced anything like this after a timing belt change?

Here's a video...