2UZ plastic intake on 1UZ-VVTi


I found one post on ClubLexus about fitting a 2005+ 2UZ manifold on a 3UZ, which means it'll fit a 1998+ 1UZ.

There are other posts that say this topic has been covered here, but I can't get search to work.

Has anyone done it? How bad is the job? The CL member said he definitely felt some gains, but he had to modify the injectors, fuel rail and throttle body.

If anyone has insight on this swap, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Did you ever figure this out?

I'm interested in running a vvti 1uz intake on my 2uz.

I'm wondering if the 1uz injectors will flow similar to the 2uz version


There’s a guy who modified a 2UZ VVTi intake to fit his 3UZ, and he’s selling it to me soon. It should bolt to the VVTi 1UZ without issue. I’ll inspect it and make note of what mods were required to make it work. I know one of them was using injectors from a 2002 Sequoia.

If I get it working, I could sell you my 1UZ VVTi intake.


Update: Getting the intake to bolt on requires just removing a small amount of plastic around the bolt hole closest to the driver. Then, you use the 1UZ fuel rail with injectors from a 98-02 2UZ and they’ll plug right in.

Then you have to flip the throttle cable bracket upside down and bolt it on to a different spot on the intake. It may need a custom piece to get it the correct distance from the throttle body.

THEN (and this is the part I’m at) you have to either file out the holes of the 1UZ throttle body to get them to line up, or do what I’m about to do and fab up an adaptor.