2uz into MKIV


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Has anyone here completed and has a functioning MKIV with a 2uz transplant? I have a 97 Supra na with auto tranny and have a complete 2uz engine which I would like to swap. I have been trying to determine what all i need to do this swap. Not wanting to go FI right now - just a straight na swap. I have been talking with David about some parts but wanted to see if someone has completed this to save some headaches. I can do a 2jzgte but I like the thought of v8 as i have a 2003 Tundra as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the book.


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It has been done.... I am not sure if the 1uz bellhousing will work on the supra tranny. I think it would since the supra and the sc tranny is very similar. As for mount, the one i made should work because SC4 with 2jzgte swap, they would use GE mounts. So it should be interchangeable.

The original 2UZ mount will not work. That thing is huge. you have to get a SC modified 2uz mount the one i made. I that is the closest if not direct fit.