255's on LS, will they fit?

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I have 19x8.0's on my LS, my old 235/35's are worn down and needed wider replacements. I have the car on adjustable JIC coilovers so height isn't a problem. I plan to roll my fenders for that extra half inch. The question is whats the widest possible tire I can squeeze?

I planned for a pair of 255 35's on my 8'' rears but will I have clearance issues? I know the LS will take 10'' wide rims with stock body.

Also, I have 235 35's and do not want much of a taller tire, a little is fine but don't want a much larger diameter. Isn't it 35% of 255mm for the tire height? So I would have a 6.7cm tall tire with my currents and a... 7.2cm tall tire with the 255's?

If anyone can lend some opinions here I would appreciate!