1UZFE versus 2 in a Plymouth

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Long time fan, first time post.

I currently have a 04 4runner and 09 GX. Love the engines, I also have a 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager with a 3.3L V6. I found a Mopar guy down in Delaware to work on the engine and transmission, however that fell through. Project has been delayed essentially one year now.

I figured why not let's look into a UZ swap. 1uz seems to be the popular choice but I own 2uz and it would be nice to only have one set of parts. This will be the first time I have undertaken a project this big but I'm looking to get an engine off of a LS and take that transmission as well.

Car has ton of sentimental value to me so I don't want to get rid of it. Once this project is done I want to go and get my hands an an AE86 I had been eyeing for some time.

What forseeable issues do you guys predict for this project, what parts do I need for this particular swap?

Appreciate any input!


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Welcome & good luck! I don't know that any of us here have attempted a swap like this, but with enough money and know how, anything is possible, I suppose.

I'm guessing one of your first challenges would be shoehorning a V8 into an engine bay designed for a V6? Or did the Voyager have a V8 option as well? Also, is the stock Voyage V6 engine a pushrod or an OHC V6? If pushrod, then that could be another challenge, as any OHC engine will be taller, and a "V" version will be wider than its pushrod counterparts.


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Voyager only had a 4 and 6 cylinder options, however, the engine bay appears to be larger than what was necessary. Engines bay's these days don't leave much wiggle room. The engine is an OHC.

Does anyone know anyone in the NYC/NJ area that can help with this type of job?