1uz vvti injector upgrade options


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Hi Guys,

I have a 1uz vvti from a UCF20 Celsior that i am using for a project.
I have a GT3576 turbo that i plan to use to push a few psi in with.

I will be using a Haltech interceptor piggy back but it appears the stock injectors are 255cc or 270 (i have confilcing info, they are the salmon colour ones) so will max out very quickly.

i have found some drop-in's from five-o motorsport in the USA, but i was wondering if there was any way to run standard type injectors as i have a fair few lying around (370cc, 440cc, 530cc etc)

i am aware of the internal limitations of the 1uz vvti bottom end but that isnt my issue right now.

any info would be great, thanks!


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We have upgraded VVti injectors heaps now by machining some sleeves to convert back to "normal" or standard configuration injectors. It's pretty easy to work out how if you flick the current ones out.


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i was thinking along those lines.

tried searching for such adapters but came up with nothing.

short of getting them made, do you know of anywhere that sells some? i have a set of 370cc 1jz vvti injectors which would go quite nicely.