1UZ VVTi ECUs available

Frank Clark

I have a couple laying around the shop. They are from JDM motors. We use aftermarket ECUs so have no use for them.

Free to an individual that can use them (you pay shipping unless you pick it up).

You can pick up in Fairview or Allen TX (DFW area).

PM if you want pics. If you don't get a response in a day, bug me - I get lots of emails and sometimes get happy with the DEL key.

I really don't know anything about them so please don't ask me if they will work for your project! Pictures are really all the info I have available.


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I'm interested. Ive seen a few fail now in the coarse of doing immo bypass and my spares pile is getting low. What part numbers? No issue paying postage as long as you don't might dropping of at the post office for me.


Interested, can pay for shipping within the US or arrange pick up by shipping company right at your shop