1UZ VVTi cams versus 2UZ non VVti cams

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OK, the story is a little convoluted but stay with me :)

I'll be running a 1UZ VVTi block with VVTi heads BUT i want to run non VVTi cams.

Apparently the 2UZ non VVTi cams fit? A couple of knowledgable sources are confident this is the case but if anyone has actually tried it that would be awesome to know.

What i would like to know is the relative specs of the 1UZ VVTi cams compared to the 2UZ non VVTi cams. I have found bits and pieces of both specs but nothing to compare the 2 directly spec for spec.

I suspect the 2UZ cams are pretty mild and geared more towrads low end torque as per the 1UZ non VVTi cams?

In fact a comparison of specs for all 3 would be useful.


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I wish I can fine my 2uzfe cams. I think they are somewhere. I think they will physically fit into the 1uz vvti. You might need to plug up the vvti oil supply.