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Hi from Australia, I think I've been reading these forums since the mid 2000's when I was considering putting a 1UZ into one of my mx5's but I ended up selling my first supercharged mx5 and after that my turbo mx5.

I was sports car free for a few years until 2009 when I bought a datsun 240z, probably ended up being around a 4 year full restoration project, I don't drive it a whole lot but Im very happy to have it just sitting in my garage.

The mx5 bug has bitten again and I still want to put a 1UZ into an mx, theres a lot more information floating around now but still have to speak to engineers to find out whats legal, hopefully I'll get started in the next 6 to 12 months and enjoy another project!


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Welcome to the Forum.

I know this swap has been done before but it will be a tight fit.

Keep us posted on what you plan and when you start doing the swap.

There are some very helpful people on here.


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I'm seriously considering doing this as well. The 1UZ is the only decent V8 that you can legally put in an MX5 here in Australia. NB8A can get a 1UZ VVT-i and NB8B can go 3UZ VVT-i according to the capacity limits.

So far I've found a couple of build threads which show it is possible, but not a whole lot of detail.


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How is it going? Im gonna attempt this swap also.
Unfortunately circumstances have changed and I'm getting my 240z engine rebuilt and haven't been in a position to get another mx5. I'll get another eventually but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

There are a few other excellent engine choices which are bolt in for the mx5, obviously the LS v8 and also the LFX 6 cylinder out of the camaro but missing the great engine note of the 1UZ.

This transplant seems very nicely done