1UZ into a 1972 FJ40

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ok - so I've seen a heap of YouTube videos showing awesome videos of landcruisers AFTER the engine swap but NOTHING about how to do it or things to consider.

I have a project that's been on hold for about 8 years. Time to sort that out.

So I'm thinking, with all this time that's past, there's no point rushing things. So, if I were to do this RIGHT, what should I consider for heaps of power that's streetble?
I won't be doing much off-road, this project is purely for shits and giggles.

I figure that a complete rebuild is pretty much the only way to go. So while doing that, what mods should I consider? Forward-facing intake with Eaton supercharger and intercooler? (Mild) cam (for streetability and no lumpy lunging while sitting at the lights)? All seals and rings? LINK ECU? Will I need a custom exhaust manifold?

And would all of that be any cheaper than just buying a crate 1VD-FTV engine?



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If you build in heaps of power the beast will become undrivable.

I had around 650hp in my Range Rover and all it did was spin the 12.50x35 tyres.

I went back to a stock 1UZ and I'm much happier.

I sold my built engine for 10Cents in the Dollar on build cost.

Building a tough 1UZ gets VERY expensive very fast.