1uz fe or related in sn95

Ryan Bonner

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Alright, its hard in my area to find a good shape sn95, im 16 and want something to take to crusin the coast and drive to school but really want the reliable toyota v8 but im a true mustang fan, i really need help from the experience swap guys to figure out how everything will work, wiring ,transmission, etc. Really want to make this work well for under 3200 (id probably be buying a broke v6 car real cheap for a platform)


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I'd be more than very surprised of you could pull this off for $3,200.00 including the Mustang.

Engine swaps have a way of costing way more than the expect.

Do a list of everything you can think of and put a cost beside and do the math. See I can speak like a Yank!

By the time you put engine mounts in and a driveshaft plus service the engine you will have blown around 25% of your budget. Just the steel and welding for the different mounts has a way of escaping.

What will an exhaust cost you? What will you do if the stock headers won't fit and you need to make custom headers. Then they need connecting tot he rear half of the exhaust.

Be very careful of which sump you need as getting a rear when you have a front can be difficult and expensive.

Really think about it before jumping in.

Not trying to ruin your ideas rather suggesting caution.

I've done dozens of engine swaps and I don't think I could pull that off.

Ryan Bonner

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Well being the engine is smaller than a 4.6 headers definitely should fit, exhaust is something so commonly done in my area you're basically born a expert, the transmission and engine control are the major grey areas for me, everything else is a common trade in Alabama