12s LS400?

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According to HP and 1/4 mile calculation. My car is capable of hitting high 12 seconds. I am using RWHP to calculate backward. My car currently dyno at almost 400 rwhp. According to the hp and 1/4 mile. This heavy weight should hit 12.57 seconds.

Model: LS400
Weight: 4000 lbs
Time: 12.57

Horsepower Results - 1/4 Mile Method
Your LS400 weighs about 4000 pounds and can complete a 1/4 mile in about 12.57 seconds. That means that you've got about 398.05 HP at the wheels, and about 517.47 HP at the flywheel.

HP Calculator Just plug in three variables. That is just theory. I would be happy if I can hit low 13s.


It was way off on mine. N/A it was exatly 3457lbs loaded, 175whp. Use to run the 1/4 mile in 15.06 with 0 traction halfway through second. FWD isnt the easyest thing to calculate, but that's off to me. If I ever coulda hooked mine up N/A it would have been aleast mid 14's. (Which would have put the horespower calculation way off. It was already reading 25whp & 10bhp off on my car)


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the best thing to go to the track. What i have found with hp and 1/4 mile calculators is that they are waaaaaaay off with turbo cars because the power takes time to get there, they are more accurate with n/a cars which require less hp to make faster times. A run at the track should be about 10-15 bucks, well worth it to know where you stand. sc300's with the same amount of rwhp run low 13's so who knows. i think there was a joke about supras about what you call a 4 5 and 600rwhp supra, a 12 sec car. Although you should have a nice trap speed.