1 UZFE into 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee


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I have finished my lexus conversion on my jeep and it is running great. I have a problem on the bas unit that runs the gages(I shorted it out, some or other way) I will have to replace it.I was lucky to have got the engine and gearbox in without mods on the drive shafts.I used a guy in Pretoria to build the adapter between the gearbox and transfer case.He did a very good and professional job.As far as the front goes,I did not put any spacers in but did change the position of the stabilizing arm 50mm down.

So far I am very happy with the conversion and have done about 500 km driving with it.


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Awesome to hear of your success! Now every Jeep owner in the world wants the same setup in their ride. :D Take some pictures for us when you have some time.


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Hey Guys

So I am still waiting for the jeep. The guy was not happy with the engine mounts, and the setup between the gearbox and transfer case so he redid all the work again. And I went to see it on Friday, and he was finally almost finished with it, the exhaust is on, and the gearbox wiring is sorted, so now it is just the radiator hoses and then putting everything back onto the jeep.

So I hope to have it back this Friday, cause I can't wait to take it for a spin, It has now officially been standing for a year. So I want to drive that thing so badly.

Anyway I will post a video once I get it back.



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Hey Guys

So I am happy to report that I have the Jeep back now, and they had to completely change the prop shafts because they have a CV setup on both ends and that was not working.

But it is finally running and I must say it was worth the wait.

I will take some pictures tonight and try to make a quick video, and post them tomorrow.



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Hey Guys

Its been a while, and I have been busy on the Jeep. I am happy to say that I have almost ironed out all the bugs, and the Jeep runs very nicely.

I have started with the accessories on the Jeep now, and I have done quite a bit in a short amount of time.

So far I have:

1. Installed a roof rack with a rooftop tent and an awning.
2. I have installed spotlights on the roof rack.
3. I have permanently mounted my compressor in the back of the jeep, with the tyre guage mounted next to it.
4. I got my electric seats to work again.
5. I welded the connection between the transfer and gearbox, I had a bit of issues with that as the bolts used kept on coming loose, so now it is fixed.
6. Installed my Jerry can holder on the roof rack.

And thats about it, I do have some projects pallned for the future which will include the following:

1. Raise the jeep with an old man emu suspension, and then I will try and get spacers for between the shocks and body and between the coil springs and body to lift it even higher.
2. Nice deep dish mags, I am looking at mat black at the moment with some nice 33" tyres, but can only be done once the body is raised.
3.I want to carbon fibre wrap the entire jeep.
4. I am going to start building a winch bumper soon, as the ones on the market don't really suit my taste.
5. I need to build a rear bumper and build a swing arm front the rear bumper for the spare wheel as I am moving that outside.
6. I will soon receive my parts ordered for the dual battery system, then I need to install that.
7. Then I want to but some custom made seat covers, made specifically for 4x4's.

OK so I still don't know how to put the pictures in between, so here they are attached to the post. Enjoy.

I will try and upload the video a little later, then you can hear how soft the engine runs, I kept the diesel silencer on the exhaust, so I am not very happy with the sound and will definately be changing that soon as well.



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Jeep /lexus

Hallo Venter
Ek het toevallig op jou storie afgekom ek weet dit is lank na die tyd maar ek wil ook nou so 'n ombouing doen.Ek wil graag weet hou die eind resultaat was en watter probleme jy ondervind het met die Spitronics stelsel.Watter brandstof gebruik het jy gekry Het die ratkas gehou?
Ek sal graag van jou wil hoor.


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Mnr Venter,nou wat nou? Het jy nog die Jeep ? Of het jy maar bes gegee en van hom ontslae geraak???

Jan Venter

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Venter you have your work cut out for you. The transmission wil need a TCU to operate it. If your speedo is electronic it should work. The diesel issue is nothing, drain the tank fil with fuel flush and drain refil and use the return line on your Lexus. I used a external fuel pump close to the tank from Golfwagen supposed to be for the combi. Gives 3.5 bar constant and cost R 650.

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I have joined this forum in the hopes of some insight
i am swapping my 4.7 ho which decided that the pistons where too dry with a 1uz fe vvti but i must say that Venter you build looked awesome please upload some pics of the completed vehicle