1. P

    1uzfe thick rods!!!!!!!

    Wanting thicker and stronger rods for my 2uz. Willing to negotiate prices.
  2. P

    2uz M112 Project

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of supercharging my 2uz in my 03 tundra for shits and gigs. Of coarse we all know the 2uz has those weak toothpick rods. I'm not trying to make it a track car but definitely wanna be the talk on the street. So here's my plan. I'm thinking of buying 1uz (early gen.) rods...
  3. B

    92 SC TT build in Kuwait, nissan box

    Hi, I am planning a twin turbo build for a 92 1uz sc I have most of the parts I think I need but would like an opinion as I am new to the UZ. I am more familiar with working with 2JZ engines. The original plan was a 2JZ swap, as I started looking for something more unique the plan became a 1JZ...
  4. T

    GS400 Lowering Advice

    Any suggestions? I want to lower my car, and begin to build my suspension. I don't know if I should invest firstly in Springs, strut bars (F&R), traction rods and a good & solid suspension bushings replacement, or should I buy a nice set of coilovers and strut bars...(not both due to $) For...
  5. yodathespian87

    94 SC400 - Colorado- $1000obo

    Selling my SC400, 1uz works great, needs TPS, it's in loop right now. New timing belt, water pump, idler pulley. 135-140K miles. Salvage title. Coils were heated so the car sits lower. Has bondo spots, small crack at the top of the windshield. Previous owner was in accident in the front. Great...
  6. B

    Fs: 1uz-fe motor and t56 6 speed box setup south aus.

    Hi guys, trying to sell my 1UZ T56 setup •1UZ-FE with 120,000 k's (loom and ECU included) •Tremec T56 6speed •brand new custom 6 puck heavy duty EXTREME clutch with custom flywheel •brand new slave cylinder •braided bleed line •adapter plate •blank manifold flanges to make custom...
  7. J

    WTB: 1UZ Short/Long Block. Does NOT need to run

    Hello, I am interested in picking up a non running 1UZ in the New York area. The engine can be running or not, as I will not be using it for automotive uses. I would want at least 4 of the Piston/Rods but I do not care about crank, heads or any accessories. Id rather not have to goto a bone...
  8. D

    84 hilux 1uz conversion

    hello all, im new to this site but have been a member of boost cruising for a few years and no one on there could help me with my build. Im looking at putting a 1uz into a 1984 hilux dual cab. i was originally running a standard 1g-gte supra engine but spun a bearing and cant find the stuff...
  9. andrewzuku

    V8 ECU - 40p 40p 40p - 89661-24220

    I have an UZZ3x Soarer Engine Control/Transmission ECU for sale. Price: $160 Location: Gold Coast, Qld Australia Works perfectly :) Fits '91 to '94/01 V8s Part Number 89661-24220