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    Spitronic's forum

    hi Alan,dont know if you are aware but there is a uk distributor of spitronics, Andy Bird at race systems.
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    Do I need a rear waterbridge.

    this is what i did with my water bridge, can anyone see any reason it wont work? would i be better linking it to the front water bridge aswell.
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    Block water connection near oil filter housing

    i would use a short length of rubber hose with a bung in the end, the other way is to buy a drain plug like the one on the other side of the engine and fit it to the block instead of the water outlet
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    it was £25, i had mine done in bradford but there will be loads of laser cutters closer to you than that, one thing i noticed is that one of the bolt holes is slightly out, i just drilled it 2mm bigger and the bolt went in ok.i messed a few up but what i had left over are on ebay.
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    Bellhousing to Engine block CAD file

    i sent you an email, thank you
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    cad files

    i need the flanges that bolt to the cylinder head to make an ITB manifold. do you have a file for them?
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    cad files

    i have read loads of post on here with cad files for all sorts of things to do with the 1uz but when i want to download them they are dead ends, i would like to make a library of cad files for the 1uz-fe engine, i have a sump flange, cat flange and the oil filter relocation plate that i would be...
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    Upper Inlet Manifold Cad File

    any pictures of your tvr?
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    Bellhousing to Engine block CAD file

    hi jake, would it be possible to send me the cad file too, i am trying to mate a mazda rx8 gearbox to a 1uz, thanks
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    Upper Inlet Manifold Cad File

    sounds like we are going in a similar direction with our engines, what is yours going in to? mine will be in a mazda rx7
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    Upper Inlet Manifold Cad File

    any pictures of the inlet manifold yet, if its as good as your sump it should be a thing of beauty.
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    Inlet Flange

    hi Alan, i was thinking about getting this from ebay, have you had the flanges cut yet and were they ok? the inlet manifold studs on my engine are at a funny angle, does this flange take that into consideration or would i need to make some angled spacers.
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    Twin Turbo 1UZ goodness!

    that was a hell of a drive to keep it out of the walls, it could have been a lot worse.
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    Where are you located?

    God's own county, yorkshire,uk
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    Spitronic's forum

    interesting stuff, i might take you up on that offer when i get to that point, it may be a while yet though, thanks. not sure if it is of any interest to you but i started a facebook group, 1uz-fe swap parts uk, for people to chat, share ideas and find suppliers in our neck of the woods . Leigh.