Lextreme Parts Return Policy

  • No Cooling Off Period:  Once you placed your order and decide to cancel your order.  There will be a 15% process fee.  No exception.  No return or refund after products are delivered.  We usually don't stock all of the parts and we would have to special made or order parts just for you.  Please understand we are not an online company.  This is my hobby and this is how I am help my members.

  • Shipping Fee:  The fee listed in paypal is for shipping with the United States.  Out of the country shipping will be determined before shipping.  I can and will show you the exact shipping cost.  We do not make money on shipping and at the same time we don't want to loose money on shipping.  We are here to help, not to make money of international shipping.

  • Wrong Parts:  Please contact me as soon as possible if the parts are wrong.  I will be happily to replace the proper part for you.

  • Delay:  If for some reasons the parts are delay, I will email to inform you about the situation.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for international purchases.  I keep contact with my buyers all the time to keep them up to date on their purchases.

  • Refund:  For some reasons refund is mutually agreed with both parties.  The refund will be full less of paypal and shipping fee.  The current paypal fee is 2.9% plus $0.50 and 10 dollars for shipping.  For example, the purchased price was $100 USD.  The refund will be 2.9% plus .50 less then the original paid price.  The final refund will be $86.6 USD.

  • Core Refund:  All core must be return with 30 days of delivery.  After 30 days we have the right to refuse core return.

  • Unsatisfied Customers:  This rarely happen, but for some reasons you are dissatisfied with my service or products, please let me know asap.  We can solve issues offline.

  • Rights ReservedLextreme.com reserved the right to sell any Lexus-Toyota parts to anyone!

*Note: The shipping fee you just paid is for US domestic shipping only.  Out of the county shipping might extra.  I will email you the final shipping fee before shipping.  I normally shipping via air and should get your country within 7-10 days from the shipping date.

Most of our transactions go very smooth.  This is just some playground rules we must be open about.  Once again, thank you for your purchase and your support to our site and forum.  I will do my very best to make my customers happy.



David Phan
Site Admin