Alternator troubles in my 1991 LS400

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Hello all.

Today I tried to start my car but the battery was empty.
I tried with another old battery almost empty too but the car started.

When the engine is cold, the idle rev is higher and my alternator gives 13,9V.
When the engine is hot, the idle rev is lower and I have only 11.4V.

I let the car idling about 15min but all the energy the car needs is taken from the battery and not from the alternator.
So after 15min idling, a lot of lightare on the dashboard. And the car stopped.
Is it normal that I only have 12v on hot idling?

Do I need to buy an original new 100A alternator? If I want to upgrade my alternator, I need to take a ls430 alternator? Does anyone have the reference of the alternator and the reference of the plug I need to adapt the alternator?

Thank you


power steering fluid likes to leak on your alternator and take it out...thats the first thing I would check