1997 1uz-fe missing

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1uz-fe in a 97 ls400. Did valve cover gaskets and now it runs bad and misses bad. Ran totally fine before. Throws cam sensor code but put two new ones in and nothing, jumped the wires and still nothing, did plugs and plug wires, ignition coil, cap and rotor. Nothing changed. Cant figure it out.
Have you checked for continuity from the sensor to the ECU plus the shielding?
Yep, everything’s got power going to/from anything and everything, checked every wire for anything. I’m at a total loss.
You should be able to identify which cylinder/s are missing by lifting off the plug lead/s from each spark plug while the engine is idling. The one/s that have the least affect on engine idle is/are most likely the cylinder/s that are missing. Pull that plug/s and you should then notice the plig is a darker colour than others. Once identified, start back tracking from there.