1. D

    96 1uzfe swap to a ra64 celica with a w58

    I am currently right in the middle of swapping my 84 celica gt ( ra64 ) and time be completely honest I dint know shit about wiring a swap. I have the loom out and but I am missing an ecu and was wondering if I should try to buy a reman’d ECU or just go stand alone. Is it possible to keep stock...
  2. wrenchtech

    New Guy Considering a 1UZ Swap Into a 1993 Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 Pickup

    The truck started out life with a 3VZE 3.0 V6 and an R150F manual transmission. The engine was not running when I bought the truck. It turned out to have a couple of broken rods and a hole in the block. I picked up two different used 3VZE engines with the hope that I could find one good one to...
  3. galooph

    Terminal/Connector source

    Over on the the Toyota 4Runner forum, someone posted a link to as a source for Toyota terminals and connector housings. I don't know the 1UZ connectors well enough to say whether they're in there, but I've certainly spotted some of the 4Runner interior connectors.
  4. T

    do you know who have made this adapter kit, 1uz to w58???

    1uz adapter kit:
  5. M

    1UZ kaido style MKIII build

    Hey all! I'm new to the forum(literally just joined) but I'm excited to post more as I go. Alright so this thread won't officially start for a little while as I'm a broke college student, but I wanted to at least get a start to it. I have a 1986.5 Toyota Supra that was originally...
  6. T

    2000 toyota tundra 4.7L Manual conversion

    Well... ITS ALIVE! After weeks of waiting on parts to arrive and a few small problems, its up and running. The ratios are really nice for cruisin around town, and 5th gear is really nice for the highway. I hooked it up to our large trailer and it tows really nice, not always downshifting. The...