1. blazer3011

    Sc400 auto transmission issues

    Hey guys I'm hope someone can help me out cause I can't find any info anywhere. My sc400 1uz auto needed a new auto fitted, so I brought one out of a soarer 1uz thinking they would be the same, but there is one plug on the auto at the left rear (think it's the shift solenoid) that is different...
  2. W

    Twin Turbo 1UZ Soarer Dragcar

    I thought it was time to share my Project with the world of Lextreme from down here in Christchurch New Zealand. I always had a dream of building a Toyota Soarer drag car what eventuated was a lot more radical than first planned. I had trouble acquiring a donor car to start the build with...
  3. A

    A few V8 questions

    Hi all, got a few questions about the 1uz. Firstly, is the VVTI motor much harder to wire up? 2: i'm sure i read somewhere the vvti's are coil-on-plug ignition? is this the case? as was originally going to run an older 1uz with MS untill i heard the later ones were COP which should be...
  4. P

    Supra vs Soarer door trim

    Might be a dumb question but worth the ask none the less How different is the supra door trim vs the soarer door trim?? Door trims are stuffed, need replacements, and wondered if the carbon ones from seibon would fit with a bit of work???? Any ideas? Just wish i knew someone with a supra to...
  5. S

    Question about the Bullet kit

    Hi guys Looking into getting an M112 from a Cobra/Lightning For my SC 400 and I know that Bullet Cars makes a kit for them. However upon emailing them, they replied that they aren't sure if it's a direct bolt-on without further modification to the kit or fitment under the stock hood. From...