1. V8_POWER

    UZZ31 Toyota Soarer. No power to fuel pump :/

    Hello guys, I had another account but seemingly forgot my password and got locked out so made a new one! Anyway, just hoping someone can lend some advice here. JDM 1991 UZZ31 Toyota Soarer (SC 400). My problems are as follows: 1. Turn key, engine cranks, fuel pump will not engage. There is...
  2. aeary

    Project Thread First Build - 1993 SC4 1UZ

    Hey Guys, I just inherited a 1993 SC400 w/ 1UZ (55k miles on odo...but...she has been sitting for almost a decade under a carport). I have loved this body style (almost as much as a MkIV) since they premiered while I was in school as a kid. I know it has about 290hp based on specs; but I want to...
  3. blazer3011

    Sc400 auto transmission issues

    Hey guys I'm hope someone can help me out cause I can't find any info anywhere. My sc400 1uz auto needed a new auto fitted, so I brought one out of a soarer 1uz thinking they would be the same, but there is one plug on the auto at the left rear (think it's the shift solenoid) that is different...
  4. R

    mx83 1uz swap starts no idle

    sooo i’ve put a 93 sc400 1uz in my 91 cressida, i got the harness done by a shop and they came by again today to make sure the wiring isn’t the issue, so, the car starts up strong revs to about 1500 and shuts off. it runs the same amount of time everytime, i’ve ran codes i only got some for o2...
  5. S

    Plans For My 94' SC400 These Next Upcoming Years :)

    Hello everyone, I'm creating this thread more of for myself but I encourage anyone who has any kind thoughts and knowledgeable information to post here too (hopefully we can stay on topic). :) As you can tell by the title, all this thread is just my personal blueprint layout for my plans on my...
  6. J

    91 sc400 massive leaks

    So ive got a 92 sc400 and a while back i was driving and it sounded like it was running on seven cylinders then it died on me, it would start for a second but die immediately. When i popped the hood there was oil and coolant all over the place, had it towed home and upon further inspection there...
  7. C

    Supercharged 1uz wont start, tried everything..

    Hey guys ive been struggling with my soarer for way to long now, hoping some of you experts can help me. Its a 92 sc400 1uzfe with a bullet supercharger kit and wolf ecu. The original engine blew up about a year after i bought it. It leaned out because of all these mods and still the stock...
  8. F

    CA-SOCal 92 SC400 1200 OBO w/extras

    1992 SC400 350K Located in Long Beach area Reasons why I'm selling: Girlfriend's dad is giving me his newer Lexus. I really want to sell this as a parts car as opposed as a daily driver, although it can be daily driven. I was going to part out everything but I don't have the time to do so as...
  9. S

    Will I lose low end torque/HP?

    I have a 1997 SC400 and my car has the stock cali. edition exhaust with the third cat and 2 small resonators. After watching this youtube video I fell in love with the sound. So I was just wondering if deleting the center cat and replacing it with an x...
  10. M

    Wtb: 95 sc400 ecu

    Just looking for a 95 SC400 1UZ ECU so I can keep my UZ swap going. I know there are more experienced people on here so if other year ECU's will work, let me know, thanks guys.
  11. R

    93 SC400 1UZFE into 88 RX-7 Journal

    Hello all, This is my first project log on here, so please bear with me. I hope to share anything I find or uncover. This is a budget build with a budget of $4000. Mostly every part will be sourced at junkyards. If you have any advice or knowledge I would be very grateful for your insight...
  12. M

    Help with turbocharging my SC400 1UZ-FE

    Hi, My name is Michael, i live in Stockholm, Sweden and i own an SC400 1992 since a couple of years back. So far the car has been repainted, i replaced the whole interior with new leather, i changed a few suspension details and i'm faced with a dilema: I really like this car but i feel that...
  13. Y

    Anybody interested in AE86/1UZ conversion thread?

    Hello! I'm gathering the required parts to do the blasphemy of parting a SC400 '92 and using the 1uz engine, a r154 tranny and suspension components/brakes/diff for a AE86 project. I know there some people who wouldn't like it, but I want to do it. And since it seems lextreme as a site gives...
  14. S

    Question about the Bullet kit

    Hi guys Looking into getting an M112 from a Cobra/Lightning For my SC 400 and I know that Bullet Cars makes a kit for them. However upon emailing them, they replied that they aren't sure if it's a direct bolt-on without further modification to the kit or fitment under the stock hood. From...
  15. yodathespian87

    94 SC400 - Colorado- $1000obo

    Selling my SC400, 1uz works great, needs TPS, it's in loop right now. New timing belt, water pump, idler pulley. 135-140K miles. Salvage title. Coils were heated so the car sits lower. Has bondo spots, small crack at the top of the windshield. Previous owner was in accident in the front. Great...