1. O

    2wd R154 to 4WD?

    I'm wanting to do a1uz swap like all the awesome people here. My issue is I'm trying To locate my parts. I've found a R154 from a 89 supra. Can it be converted to a 4wd for 1989 4runner or would it be better to just find one from a truck? Please help.
  2. Y

    Anybody interested in AE86/1UZ conversion thread?

    Hello! I'm gathering the required parts to do the blasphemy of parting a SC400 '92 and using the 1uz engine, a r154 tranny and suspension components/brakes/diff for a AE86 project. I know there some people who wouldn't like it, but I want to do it. And since it seems lextreme as a site gives...
  3. K

    R154 Transmission for sale

    No longer for sale on forum. Moderators delete.