1. George_R

    1UZ VVTi / 3UZ / 2JZ stock ECU conversion for M/T

    This offer is a device that eliminates limp home mode, which is otherwise active if ECU does not 'see' stock auto transmission. Earlier ECU models (1UZ non-vvt, 1jz, 2jz before 1998) didn't have "underpowered" fuel/spark/vvti (for the JZ) maps for N/P transmission range, so these ECUs are...
  2. T

    2000 toyota tundra 4.7L Manual conversion

    Well... ITS ALIVE! After weeks of waiting on parts to arrive and a few small problems, its up and running. The ratios are really nice for cruisin around town, and 5th gear is really nice for the highway. I hooked it up to our large trailer and it tows really nice, not always downshifting. The...
  3. B

    92 SC TT build in Kuwait, nissan box

    Hi, I am planning a twin turbo build for a 92 1uz sc I have most of the parts I think I need but would like an opinion as I am new to the UZ. I am more familiar with working with 2JZ engines. The original plan was a 2JZ swap, as I started looking for something more unique the plan became a 1JZ...
  4. B

    Fs: 1uz-fe motor and t56 6 speed box setup south aus.

    Hi guys, trying to sell my 1UZ T56 setup •1UZ-FE with 120,000 k's (loom and ECU included) •Tremec T56 6speed •brand new custom 6 puck heavy duty EXTREME clutch with custom flywheel •brand new slave cylinder •braided bleed line •adapter plate •blank manifold flanges to make custom...