forced induction

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    max supercharge boost for a stock 3uz fe?

    as the title asks. if i were to throw a supercharger(say an eaton m90) on a stock 2001 gs430 engine(the 3uz in question), what would be the maximum boost it could handle. current plan is to put some ppe headers and new exhaust, then put the m90 on it. just curious to see what if anything i can...
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    1uzfe head specs?

    Hey there im currently building a 1uzfe 94 twin turbo engine for my jetboat, have cut a head open through the ports to see how far I can take them out, but before I attack my heads ill get a plan for the valve situation ,has anyone measured the 3uzfe valves to see if they are interchangeable...
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    Need Advise with internals and force induction

    Hello Folks, Eric over here checking in from Okinawa, Japan. I own a 1998 Toyota Crown Majesta, powered by a 1UZ-FE VVT-i. You might have gotten a hint from the tittle, I want and need forced induction on my power plant. As i mentioned before, i currently reside in one of the islands of the...
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    need help starting a FI 1uzfe project

    hi i would like to know what you think of the following set up: older model 1uzfe motor (as they seem to be able to handel more hp) twin hi mounted t3 turbos integrated inter-cooler spitronics emu and spitronics transmission system built a340 tranny (lextreme torque converter and sift...