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    GS430 Beater!

    Hey yall, new to the site, and lexus. Im getting a 2002 GS430. What can i do to this car for dirt cheap to make it fun/faster? Im gonna start by ripping anthing I dont need out, but are there any engine mods that could make it more powerful? How long will it last on nitrous? anyone done cheap...
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    Is it possible to swap a 1uz fe non vvti into a 06 Lexus gs430.

    this idea has been in my head forever now and I want to make it happen. I’m bored of the 3uz fe, and I want to make my Lexus 06 GS fast but I found out that the sleeve thickness is different from the 1uz. So will it be possible to swap a 1uz fe non vvti in it? And will it be okay to use the...
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    max supercharge boost for a stock 3uz fe?

    as the title asks. if i were to throw a supercharger(say an eaton m90) on a stock 2001 gs430 engine(the 3uz in question), what would be the maximum boost it could handle. current plan is to put some ppe headers and new exhaust, then put the m90 on it. just curious to see what if anything i can...
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    Solara Sleeper

    I have a 2001 Solara SLE V6 with the stock 1MZ-FE engine. Interested in swapping to the 3UZ-FE from a SC430. What issues will I need to address? I'm assuming: 1. Automatic > Manual transmission 2. FWD > RWD 3. Mounts? 4. Adapters? 5. Gears and pulleys and etc? Also would it be more...