GS430 Beater!

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Hey yall, new to the site, and lexus. Im getting a 2002 GS430. What can i do to this car for dirt cheap to make it fun/faster? Im gonna start by ripping anthing I dont need out, but are there any engine mods that could make it more powerful? How long will it last on nitrous? anyone done cheap diy turbos? What cheap coilovers will fit it? where can i cut out weight? Not looking for advice on a super reliable daily that im going to keep for life. I plan on ruining the car and eventually crushing it anyway so anything goes as long as its... CHEAP.


You should probably look up the drifting Aristos, you probably already know as most use it as a 4 door drift missile usually 2J swapped... you can probably grab some of their mods... Nitros sounds about as cheap as it gets, although I don't think the rods may hold for too long, but I'm no expert... BC coilovers will be as cheap as coilovers might go... Tein springs and KYB adjustable shocks may be cheaper, but it all depends on how deep you want to get...


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Stock ecu can be remapped for slightly more power and torque, way better throttle response, quicker a/t shifts and improved shift points. It can also be reprogrammed for operation with m/t . Very slight boost of up to 0.3 bar can be good for extra 100hp