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    4 valve OHC vs 2 valve OHV

    I have a Coyote powered GT.. They are a very wide engine for transplants.. Mild tune can make 360 to 380 RWKW..
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    what is a safe AFR?

    Check that fuel pump is up to fuel supply at the higher fuel pressure ..
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    low boost turbo

    Water / meth injection helps but doesn't help if injectors are way too small.. Just helps keep Pistons living, detonation away .
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    Project Thread 1uzte or 2jz

    Couldn't have said it better ..
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    Project Thread 1uzte or 2jz

    if you can fabricate your own inlet, exhaust which imo isn't that hard.. The 4.0 has more throttle response and possibly lighter , can be recessed back in engine bay.. Keep bore liners strong, only bore if you have to.. What have you done as its been some time now ?
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    Are you KIDDING ME!!!

    Turbo power ..
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    What to do with your old cam belt

    I've used timing belts to hold exhaust.
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    '72 RA21 Coupe, 1uzfe and Single Turbo

    What's the spigot bearing like ? Was it supporting the shaft ? I'm sure there are stronger parts which can be fitted ..
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    '72 RA21 Coupe, 1uzfe and Single Turbo

    Yes me too .. That why I'm building 1UZ also .. With Powerglide, T brake , two step takes some beating ..,
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    '72 RA21 Coupe, 1uzfe and Single Turbo

    AT400 would make it 2 seconds faster and more consistent . I have TKO 600 in another turbo V8.. Manuals are tricky at consistent 1/4 times
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    Dyno results on Kelford cams

    As long as the extra breathing doesn't peg the air meter it should self tune itself .. Or have too much duration to drop vacuum, effecting idle ..
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    Is the UZ series still the way to go

    It's often bout finances too.. It's easier to go to the bank and ask for money for a new car.. Going to the bank for repairers is full of security issues .. Check out most you pull wreckers ? Seems plenty of drivable cars there ? I would guess a head gasket has blown ? Got a quote from...
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    3S-GTE heads on 1UZ-FE?

    There's been some serious UZ motors built in NZ as they have 4.0 (stock car) limit there . Mega bucks spent . Be nice to get info on one of these builds . Talking to the guys at Kelford . Just short of 500h.p with single carb ..
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    3S-GTE heads on 1UZ-FE?

    Retired myself .. Never been so busy .. May change when I have my hip operation though.. All the best Rod..