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    FI or High CR for CNG alone.

    To take full advantage of CNG's 130 octane, I want to address either installing custom domed pistons for 15:1 or add a supercharger at my upcomming rebuild. Possibly both if I can't get that high of CR with pistons. Which would be better for a hot street engine. What other issues will need...
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    Tacoma/ LHD Hilux swap guidance?

    I was thinking of using the R-154 supra tranny as this seems to be the popular route. Using the Supra rear IRS would be awesome but it's a little out of my skill level to graft one in. The swap guide on here says an 8" toyota rear would be best due to their strength and availability of...
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    Tacoma/ LHD Hilux swap guidance?

    I'm planning a 1UZ swap for my 99 Tacoma 2.4L, 2wd, std cab. I've read many of the swaps (mainly 4wd) and they are all slightly different. I just want some expert opinion on what all I need to pull this off. I already have a few questions that haven't been answered yet. 1)Do all the UZ...