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    LSD swap for the SC400 ???

    TT 6 Speed, or "Big Diff" isn't an option unless you don't mind fabricationg bits to make it fit. Any of the the other MKiv supra/ soarer diffs will fit. I just fitted an LSD to the V8 from a 5 speed N/A Supra has the same final drive as the manual Soarer. I also the diff from an SC430...
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    Hi guys longtime listener, first time caller :)

    Cheers for the info and comments on the Soarer. So an X pipe is not required? I thought they helped make power?? I'd be loving the sound of straight 2.5" all the way through :)
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    Hi guys longtime listener, first time caller :)

    I'd really like to keep it in my car though :) Thanks for the advise, drone and crackle don't bother me. I love the noise!! The collectors on the Rush Headers are 2.5" I think, so would a 2.5" all the way back with an x pipe be the answer to maximise perfromance?
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    Hi guys longtime listener, first time caller :)

    I've had a good search but the overwhelming amount of info on here is confusing me!! Basically I want to know what the best exhaust size/ setup is for my car?? I have a Soarer with a 1UZ, with an M90 supercharger, and rush headers. It is also running a BFI but I am considering changing...