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  • Freggan 1000 charactor limit !!! Like I can type that quick ?? Maybe I do these days Lol..About the only thing thats faster ?? Lol...
    I still have the EB Falcon.Tempted to fit a TH400 and spooled diff !!!
    A 94 WRX with rebuilt forged STI motor, yes its still auto..
    And a 07 WRX ... Believe it or NOT it's std...Lol...The battery goes flat if its not started every 10 days .. Other wise it's good car... If I leave it at the airport when I come back, the battery is flat ... The security alarm draws it flat... Sheesh..
    Subaru said it was my fault for NOT driving it !! When has driving a car be a prerequisite to keeping the bloody battery charged ?? Well under a month or so ??
    Here's my Celica project.. Keep in mind I don't tidy things up for pics[ paint etc green on black looks crap] and its strip only .. The engine mounts are Ford E series upper/ inner neoprene suspension bush's...Awaiting some heim joints from U.S sheesh they know how to charge for them here!!! It's about time I up dated with new pics..
    I have made some temp 22" rear suspension arms to fabricate 4 link brackets inside car.. They are not adjustable, awaiting joints from U.S which will be adjustable...

    Here's Jamie's project...
    Building a stout A.U engine.. It has well prepped C4 3000 converter and manualized..
    He'll be selling off engine, turbo, manifolds etc soon... Everything except ECU..
    As the new engine will have larger exhaust manifold for b/w turbo etc..
    The exhaust is off my car.. 3" single.. Diff dump pipe obviously..
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