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    Spitronic maps

    Spitronics in New Zealand Well after 4 years of thinking about this I have finally purchased and taken delivery of a Spitronics ECU to play with. Have big plans for this product.
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    Hello Justin, You mentioned somewhere on here that you had a 1uz awd sump and trans setup...

    Hello Justin, You mentioned somewhere on here that you had a 1uz awd sump and trans setup sitting in you shed and trying to think of something to put it in...did you ever think of something?? I also have one in my shed and thinking hard...also have a v8 soarer and 2 x LS400's. regards...
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    Head Gasket Identification

    gaskets Hi Kelvin, Aftermarket....came with the motor in bits. The gasket set came from KZ Automotive (or label says that) Head gaskets grey/silver color with no color codes on them, however they both have the stick out tags on them, which if I remember rightly go to the rear of the...
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    Head Gasket Identification

    Having bought another 1UZ in bits a while back for another project it is time to assemble. The old head gaskets are thrown out so how do I identify LH and RH head gaskets please. both will fit on either side, however water holes are of different sizes. Could someone please say take a photo of...
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    V8 Engine mount measurement help

    Thanks for that Sudsy....did a similar thing when thinking clearer
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    V8 Engine mount measurement help

    Hello All, I am hoping someone can help. I need the distance between centers of engine mounts for a V8 Soarer. Hopefully someone has a crossmember or Lexus with motor out. Reason for needing this....fabricating engine mounts on a jig using std Soarer V8 mounts. Regards, Graham
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    Sorry to intrude but found you on Lextreme and thought a private email would be OK. I am in...

    Sorry to intrude but found you on Lextreme and thought a private email would be OK. I am in the final stages of putting a 1uz into a 95 Subaru Legacy wagon and thinking about using Spitronics gear. I notice their website has been rewritten and now there is no contact email addressess on...
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    Subaru Legacy wagon

    Thanks for that comment. I am well on my way through the project...ended up dropping crossmmeber 100mm. Cert guys up here happy at the moment Regards, Graham
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    Subaru Legacy wagon

    Sorry JBone...the email addy is [email protected] ....sorry typo
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    Subaru Legacy wagon

    Hey, Thanks for that....Regardless of my profile saying I am in Auckland...infact been in Whangarei for the last 5 years, however come down to Auckland lots. Best email if you make contact with him i [email protected] or mobile 027-6740993. I will chech out the other sites you list...
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    Subaru Legacy wagon

    Would be interested in knowing if you got this certed for the road and how many cm did you drop the crossmember?? I am doing a 95 this stage working on 10 cm drop but bottom of crossmember getting a bit low to ground. Also any chance of catching up?
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    Subaru Legacy wagon

    Hello and interesting project here....infact you have inspired me sufficiently to convert a 95 EJ25 wagon as well. How did you go with certification?? and what part of NZ are you in...wouldn't mind catching up and airfares cheap...hehehe
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    ITB's on Australian Ebay

    ITB's in NZ Here ya go:
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    Headers/Extractors in New Zealand

    Better come down and see you I guess Sounds a fair price....considering no one wants them...I am happy with that. Mine is a 91 soarer......will get some numbers off it. re the headers...are they new??? what size primarys?? Are they 4 into 1 or 4 into 2 into 1 ?? and what $$$ Regards, Graham