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    Compound system

    JustenGT8 did a compound setup with a supercharger & a turbo IIRC, or it might've been twin turbos (memory fails me). But it didn't work out for whatever reason. Maybe too much boost for his engine?
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    supercharged manifolds for sale

    Jordy's manifolds involved a lot of welding & labor. He was one of the firsts to do it, but better cast alternatives appeared soon after.
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    The early 2UZ's had shim under bucket solid lifters, so the valve lash definitely needs checking/adjusting once in awhile. Something in the back of my head tells me the later 2UZ's (maybe the VVTi models?) had self adjusting hydraulic lifters but I could definitely be wrong on that....
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    Hey Blizz, I'm not aware that "any" of the old Lextreme parts that David Phan was selling are...

    Hey Blizz, I'm not aware that "any" of the old Lextreme parts that David Phan was selling are still available. The site's new owner has been thinking "maybe" to get back into the parts business but so far has not made a decision, AFAIK.
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    Cooling system overhaul on a Lexus 1UZ engine

    Hey Clint, welcome! The key words I picked up on in your post were "....electric fan." Most of us drank that Koolaid years ago that an electric fan was an upgrade, then later discovered it didn't cool as well as the mechanical. If I were you I'd do the following: 1. Flush the cooling system...
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    COP seal to plug tube.

    Hey Doug, great solution! I remember this issue popping up when I was using bike coils for my 1UZ project, and I ignored it while we were on the dyno, but needed to find a solution once we were off the dyno.......
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    Triumph TR7 3UZ swap. Classic waste of time, effort, space and Money

    Oh no, another one comes out of the closet...... LOL OK confession time: first car I owned was a dam P1800 Volvo. A brit car posing as Swedish. Used to enjoy watching the road passing through the rusted out floorboards. Finally put some plyboard down so I wouldn't forget and stick my foot...
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    Triumph TR7 3UZ swap. Classic waste of time, effort, space and Money

    Axis, you do realize your credibility is shot now with this claim? British cars are NEVER straight & rust free, LOL.
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    Sack religious swap

    All good points, and the UZ's are somewhat similar as far as aftermarket support. There's "some" bolt-on stuff out there, but when it comes to turbos, there'll be a lot of fabrication involved. You may want to consider the 4.7 liter 2UZ engine in lieu of the 1UZ as you'll get the immediate...
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    Triumph TR7 3UZ swap. Classic waste of time, effort, space and Money

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and reminding me how Triumph mgt completely lost the plot (and the company) after the TR6. It's amazing how many car companies come out with something like the 7, and it's an immediate "WTF were they thinking?" Some survive these blunders, others don't I...
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    Sack religious swap

    Well we're all fans of the 1UZ here so I doubt you'll get much backlash here for doing it, but it seems to me you're gonna spend a ton of money doing the swap, and not see any return on it until you turbo the UZ, so the obvious question is "why don't you turbo or supercharge your existing motor"...
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    Most-bang-for-the-buck 1UZFE Mods

    Hellyea, This is Gloverman in the flesh, LOL!!! One of the most knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy 1UZ guys anywhere. Any evaluation and/or endorsement of a product by Kelvin is good enough for me....
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    2uz to 1urfe, gen 2

    Craig, the UR's are huge compared to the UZ's, probably due to the chain drives on the cams vs the single toothed belt on the UZ. If your UZ installation was tight, my guess is that the UR will not fit. Haven't heard/read of anyone actually doing one, however.
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    UK tundra 2uzfe blown :( help please guys

    Our member JustenGT8 once tried to convert a non-VVTi 1UZ block t/b a VVTi block so he could use some VVTi heads, etc. I recall that the big difference he found was an oil passage in the VVTi block that the non-VVTi block didn't have. This passage was to power the hydraulics in the VVTi system...