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S.A.S. swap coming up!!! Fed up of I.F.S. and 3rd balljoint failure. $3500.00 in damage, cash was supposed to go for 2UZ-FE VVTi upgrades like Lextreme's forged connecting rods with the upgraded pistons and pins. Damned IFS.
Looking for 1uz supercharger manifold??
In Australia Bulletcars in qld is only place I know off now since andrew Mueller stopped making them.
building my own soon. keep an eye on my recently started thread.
Tbh I'm trying to learn all of it cause I might want to end up going itb and want to make a custom hood just don't know where to look ‍♂
I got questions lmao im new and learning, mainly look for driveline n diff questions with a 1uz swapped mx73
Hello i just purchased a 1981 Cressida x60 with the 5me in it currently and I want to swap a 1uz into it and a quick google search brought me to this forum. I was wondering if you still make parts for these Cressidas and what kind of pointers you got. I was thinking of just buying a 92 sc400 for the engine, transmission, drivetrain, harness and whatever else I needed. Thank you.
If the pics don't go I'll link my YouTube channel and you can follow along with the build.
I've the 4runner completely stripped and ready for body work and frame restoration. Will post pics as soon as I find out how lol.
Hello, I've a fun project in the works. My 87 4runner is undergoing a makeover into an overland dream.