WTB crankshaft timing gear 1st gen 1UZ

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i have one , you just want the part that attaches to the cam?
i have a extra engine, im going to rebuild it and put a turbo on it.
my header will be a 3 inch pipe that will have two 1.5 inch pipes coming off the top of the 3 inch,
going into a 2.5 inch pipe reduced to 2 inch with a 90 bend to middle of engine.
it clear's everything, what do you think of idea?
the 3 inch will bolt to engine the two 1.5 will be on top of the 3 inch a few inches long to the two inch pipe
that will clear everything and stick out past the engine with a 90 going to the center.
just a 3 inch water pipe. anywat whats it worth to you?