"The Lextreme Challenge" No prize, No Reward, Just Bragging Rights

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As Chrisman posted in other section. We would like to see which member in this site will hit 1000 bhp. RWHP is hard to calculate factoring other 4 x 4 and drivetrain lost. Just plain bhp. Whoever hit 1000 bhp will be the Man of the Year.

Who will be the first? I think the Aussies will take it.....


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someone over here in West Australia has just cracked 1200 engine HP on stock internals bar pistons and cams.

ssssssh....it's a secret....


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yes, bragging rights, unless someone thinks of something better..
.i think we could call it "The Lextreme Challenge" we just need to agree on what is legit when it comes to how we measure HP..
and i also think the Aussies will get there first.. for all i know there are already 1000 HP 1 uz's out there somewhere.. i think we should limit this to the aluminum block -1uz.
hopefully some friendly competition will "raise everyones level of awareness" as to how capable the engine-1uz- is..
i just saw the post above me about the 1200 hp.. maybe we could limit this "challenge" to guys on the forum...i dont know, any ideas out there?


hi all,

i dont know how this is going to work, as i know that different dynos may read a different figure, an that dyno figures can be played with?

there may be a couple of rules i think that will make it harder :eek:
1 must use 1uzfe engine
2 must run on std pump fuel (98 or 100 grade fuel, no e85 or suped up fuel)
3 no nitros
4 have a set rev limit to reach this hp level like 8500rpm cutoff.
5 must provide both, dyno sheet and video as proof
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I know of one getting built that should hit 1000WHP on an Aussie Dyno Dynamics, but it might not be finished until the end of the year.