Testing coils - help please.


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Hi all, I know this is a well discussed topic. However I need some clarification please. I completed a 1uz conversion into my surf ages ago and all of a sudden it started to run rough. The engine rocks quite a lot. And accelerating feels rough. Like it's running on 4 cylinders. So the first thought was the coils or igniters or maf. I'm not getting any codes for maf. Only code I get is for right o2 and fuel pump control signal.

So I measured my coils resistance. On the one near the a/c set on 20k ohm it reads 12.41 between + and spark lead hole. On the same setting between the + and - it reads zero. But if I turn it to 200ohm it reads 1.1.

The top coil. Like wise on the 20k ohm setting between the + and spark lead hole it reads 12.49. And on the 200ohm setting reads 1.1 between + and - Are my coils rooted or am I testing wrong.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.