Speed sensor #1 issue mystery


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Hello everyone:

I currently have a 90 LS400 with a mysterious code 42 (speed sensor 1). I have replaced the speed sensor, instrument cluster and ECU with no avail. Current symptoms are:

Code 42 (O/D light blinking)
Dead speedometer
Dead Odometer
Dead trip meter
Gasoline smell
Very sluggish performance in gear (not in park or neutral)
Erratic shifting

I am seriously thinking it's a wiring issue because car had 2 fuses (GAUGE and CIG) with higher than factory amp rating, I changed them to factory spec fuses and now the battery dies overnight. Any idea what issue this can be? possible wire touching and shorting out?

Thank you very much for any help everyone.
Very interested I have same problem my hilux 2wd 5spd man has been my daily driver on and off for almost 2 years now and it has been getting more and more sluggish and just recently been able to not drive it for a couple weeks so I tried to fix this problem, I done the wiring myself it's a early celsior 26/16/22//26 plug ecu I first knoticed that my ecu memory wire was on pin 1 or 26 of 4th plug which ever is incorrect but I corrected that and have been trying to figure out speed signal wire cause I have never had it hooked up and hear that this is possibly where my power issue is fingers crossed if I can find info I need, then last night for the first time since conversion the battery is flat this morning then I see this post any info would be very much valued cause the Ute is needed to move house in two days please anyone.


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I'm calling an electro mechanic tomorrow to try and take it to shop this week. I am completely lost in what the issue may be.
Hope it doesn't take your auto spark to long to sort it, so it doesn't cost u a fortune and gives the others some kind of direction on issues they or I may be having my self I can't let myself let someone other than myself to work on one of my cars or bikes just seen to many rough jobs over the years to take the risk.


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Speed sensor was tested with an oscilloscope and no wave signal is being generated. Something somewhere is wrong and he said he could "program" or replicate the signal but cluster wouldn't work. (speedo)

He told me maybe he is getting wrong info and would want to have another car to test but no one I know has this car. This is gonna be expensive to fix.