SAFC2 Throttle Hi Lo % Settings


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Hey guys,
I've got my SAFC2 wired up finally and will be tuning my car tomorrow at the track.

I understand all the settings on the safc2 that I will be adjusting besides the Hi and Lo throttle %. I have it currently set at 25%Lo 50%Hi. I really want to fully understand these settings and what I can expect when changing them.

From what I understand, it is the ramp between Lo and Hi maps..? Not sure if thats true.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I took the car to the track to tune it and it was leaning out at top end. I was hitting 10psi running 315cc green injectors. SAFC2 was maxed out at +50. Im not sure what to do. Maybe increase fuel pressure (set at 40psi right now).

Would it help if I set the Throttle Hi Lo at 10%Lo 30%Hi?

I will get a custom wastegate spring made so I can run 8psi boost since 10 is a bit much for pigback.