poorsupra's build thread **sc400/r154/turbo**


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Wondered if you could update on how you're getting on with your car?

This is on stock management, yes?

I may have missed it, but how much boost are you running?

The AFRs still good with those bigger injectors? We have emissions testing here at idle you see, hence my concern. I would need to be under 3.5% CO (don't need Cats here pre '95 :D )


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Had a fpr malfunction, sprayed fuel under the hood, plus a hot header = fire. now after a few charred items were replaced I have a no start issue. Cranks just fine, but won't fire up, gauges dim while cranking. Gotta dive in and find out where it's bad.

8lbs of boost

Begi adjustable FMU

A/f's are good, little in the rich side.


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Finally got a day to mess with the lex, made sure the battery was fully charged the. Gave it a whirl, no fuel pressure, can't hear fuel pump...30A efi fuse was the problem. Started her up and even with the brand new sensor the wideband is throwing a code. Looks like I'll just return the sensor and buy a new wideband.
I was leaking coolant out of the heater valve(which I replaced and forgot to tighten a clamp)
But then it looked like smoke/steam coming off the passenger side header once the car warmed up. It was where the fire started, and it didn't really stop. So I'll be looking into that. Really didn't smell like burning plastic or oil.
Made a couple little mounts to flush up my diffuser on my rear lip. Then called it a night.