My door died.


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What's up guys, I'm new to the site but am also on

I need help with my pass. side door, I got another SC400 it's awesome but the pass. side door will not open. The cable to the lock is still connected and the cable to the handle inside is still connected, but not to the outside handle or the latch itself... I'm stumped on what to do to get it open, I can't get the panel off to get to everything so now... my brain hurts...

If anyone can help me out, PLEASE PLEASE LMK!!

I have a 1month old baby and a broken back so it's killing me putting the car seat in from the drivers side.

Thanks guys*

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i wish i could help ya out, i lucked out. previous owner took the interior panel off and didnt put it back right, so all the screws were out in the open and easy to take out


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Do a google search, "sc400 door panel removal". Removing the door panel is pretty straightforward. 2 screws for the inner door handle, 1 behind the inner door latch (plastic square covers the screw), plastic fasteners at the bottom edge of the panel and I think 1 at the inner hinge area.

Once the panel is off roll the window down and all the workings should be visible.