Lextreme (David) A+

David was very patient with me, and sold me a bellhousing and 36 tooth crank wheel at a very good price. (even considering shipping the bulky package).

He was even kind enough to toss in the needed bellhousing hardware, even though I never asked for it. Thanks so much David, these were the "hard to get" bits I needed to keep moving on my build!

Just Looked over your build on CS.com...

Nice work... these are my thoughts,

I have the peewee mounts for my MX62 1UZ conversion, I'm going to chop them up and notch the subframe so the motor can sit back in the correct location.

I would block the heater pipes rather then loop ( when the heater is off they are blocked = greater flow to radiator, when the heater is on its cooling the water going through the heater core)

Your motor looks to be a 96+ by the fuel rails, I could not tell if you have the tooth pick conrods?