Importance of wind energy


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Wind energy has been used by people for various day today purposes. Wind energy can be trapped by the use of wind mills, and can be used for the manufacture of electricity, with the help of wind turbines. As wind power is a renewable energy, it is considered as a better option instead of traditional energy resources like fossil fuels. Wind power is the most efficient among the renewable energy resources.

People have been using wind energy for a long time, for the purpose of sailing. Wind energy is also used in wind mills for the purpose of milling grains and for pumping the needed water for irrigation. This is highly beneficial for the vast stretches of land that do not have easy access to water resources.

Wind energy can be used to generate electricity. The first wind turbine to generate electricity from wind energy was created in 1888. During the 1890s the first turbine was used to create hydrogen, but was soon shifted to electricity production. Thus small wind turbines were made for providing power supply to rural buildings. Nowadays there are large wind farms which can produce electricity for larger networks.

Wind energy industry started flourishing in 1979 when wind turbines began to be produced on a regular basis. The amount of power which can be generated from wind depends on the wind speed. When the wind speed doubles, the amount of power produced becomes eight fold.

Wind energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy. You can know about the developments going on in wind energy industry by checking the Latest Energy News from websites like World Energy Media, which are related to energy industry.



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Rickles, welcome to Lextreme. You have obviously not noticed that we are a performance oriented, automotive forum. We are not about wind or solar energy.

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I always knew those wind turbines were dangerous.

Cool photos. Wish I was there to see it.


Wind energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy.
Cleanest sources of energy in regards to carbon output and environmental disruptions, but its one of the dirtiest sources of energy in regards to the 'cleanliness' of power. (ie how pure the sine wave is).

There is a limit to how much energy can safely be produced by wind turbines, and from memory its around 30%.
The rest needs to come from other sources to keep the power clean.


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Aazingly enough it was sent to me in an email the same day I saw this post so I had to post it up.

They are quite magical things as long as they are not in your own back yard. The big suckers can generate around 1.8mw of power each which is pretty good value from a resource that was just passing by.