Can anyone identify this Classic?


As above really. I think it's lovely. It's obviously been re-worked but it's not a model I'm familiar with in the UK.

I think loads were imported into Australia but not Europe. I remember this from asking this question before ......I've just can't find that thread now ;)

If you can identify it, does anyone in right hand drive market know how much they go for locally as fairly original spec and Sound body/chassis??




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ain't it weird how peoples tastes differ??

cos i think that is one of the most ugly looking cars on the planet..tidy,clean but ugly..


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Here in Australia we had a few 2 door Conora's sold.

We would usually refer to them as a Mark II Corona.

No idea why.


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These rides are sweet and i want one alone side my KE10 corolla.

We call them the slant nose corona's....for obvious reasons :)

Prices go anywhere from $1500 to $6000 here in Oz.

A lefty in the US could be had quite cheap i suspect?

Finding one rust free is nigh on impossible but still heaps of spares around to fix them up.

Drop a 4AG 20v in and you have some great retro tech that will turn heads with looks and grunt :)

PS Zen has no idea :p