alternator issues


hey everyone im having an issue with my alternator not charging like i think it should.
with my e-fan on and the headlights up im getting 11.6 or so volts measured from my safc2 while driving
im trying to figure out if i need a new alternator or what
i cleaned and checked all the grounds i could find so i should be seeing 14v while driving around

i keep reading about our alternators having a ground bolt but im not sure where it is anyone that knows where it might be hiding please let me know

the car is a supra the engine is our precious 1uz its out of a 97 sc400 non vvti
no ps no ac and no hydro fan setup
i figured id be getting better voltage
only downside is that i have the battery relocated to where the back seats should be and im running 2guage wire from the bettery to the front for both my pos and neg terminals



ok i found an oem 130a from a toyota tundra and it works, im getting 13v at my safc, however its still not 14 which concerns me.
im about to go make an extra wire to the battery from the alt and see what happens.


new leads and still no love.
the voltage still drops off with even just the e fan running and hitting the brakes


i did however manage to make k's bracket to manually tension the pulley and that worked out beautifully no more squeaking now i just have to cure my idle issue and ill be good to go


Just call me "Lex"
Over revving also cause alternator goes bad too. Last week I was gunning my GS to redline and 5-7 lights come on. Battery light kept staying on and finally no more power. Change alternator fix everything. Over revving it doesnt like.