A650E to RF1A adaptor

Hi all, just like the title says, 1st gen lexus ls400s are getting hard to come by now and the 2nd gen vvti 1997 seems to be the cheapest next thing to get but they have the A650E 5 speed auto box. had a look on the net and cant really find anything to go from the GB to TF.
does anyone know of an adaptor?


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Seems pretty unlikely. I think a company called Inchworm once made a divorced transfer case adapter for the RF1A that would let you run it behind a two-wheel drive transmission, but I think that they stopped selling it a number of years ago. Your best bet would probably be to run an A340 transmission behind your late model 1UZ, if the electronic controls could be sorted out, or a manual valve body could be sourced.
Thanks for the pics I think it looks like you have cut the surf / hilux tc gb adaptor in half welded a plate on and them sliced the end of the 650 and piece and welded that to the plate. Is that a about right?
Did you have to put any seals in the adaptor bit or are they sealed at both ends?
Also did you make the spline adaptor or is that cut and paste from a old tc spline or something?

Thanks for the replies guys much appreciated
just one last thing Gloverman how did you marry / convert the outputshaft of the A650 to the VF1A TC. i see on one of the pics there is a female spline popping through the A340 cut adaptor housing.


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I made all the parts. All seals which were required were fitted like a standard arrangement. Spline adaptor was made as the A341 and the A650 have different size shafts. Lots of measuring , welding and machining but that setup is still driving today.